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  • Your inbox is full. Trying to contact you.
  • Hi Cyyoung, i try to contact you without success, please pm me , i have an offer to you
  • Hello I would very much like your account at Norma. Can i take it?
  • Hi mate cant pm u I have a uni 1 account 43kk points a menus account 15kk points a oberan account 90kk points let me know if u r keen on any or all 3 for the account let me know cheers
  • you can't write pm
  • you looking for miner or fleeter account in Q?
  • i have top 35 in rhea
  • Im in Uni1, what are you looking for ? a uni1 fleeter account or just a diff account in uni !?
  • rank 48 xhanthus miner
  • rank 50 spica
  • tarazed top 86 2 moons. 7 planetas god mines and fleet
  • Pm me to make a deal for that acc ;)
  • top 100 tarazed , two moons good mines.
  • top 100 tarazed , two moons good mines.
  • i have uni rhea top30 miner Acc
  • i have uni rhea top 40 miner Acc