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  • hey there i have seen the info and the 10 planets on oginiter...still ranked 53 i see..and i am one of the oldies..just cant get my old forum account called Grymmreyper.....but i am a hybrid miner/ i love to take out moons have about 40+ hits and i think only 3 come up on a search..i am presently in Quantum and Rigel...i have time as i work from home alot..and would love a shot to take it on and make it a fleeter when i am done...if u need any more info let me old nic from uni1 back when i started was Revenger so i have been around...take care and hope the account is still available
  • Hi Zagy, Im unsure if this account is still up for offer, But if it is i would surly be interested. I currently play in Spica now and am Ranked 335 and have 810k Points and practically all of that is in Mines. My long term goal is to keep investing into Mines to a point of making fleets gradually and hopefully make more profit (bit of fleet crashing) to further invest into mines (bit of ships also!). This would also apply to the account you offer also. About me... I played back in Uni 20 where I learnt the ropes, Then i made a strong go of it in Uni 30. And played for some time (few years in other Uni's also, But kept Uni 30 as my Main) with some success, Resulting in being top 200. (Their were more active players back then) Then real life hit me with a child ( or rather 3! lol) and from then i took a very long break, Returning only a few months back. I have plenty of free time on my hands as i work from home, And love the fact when im not home i play on the iPad ;-) (Cant stop the Mrs dragging me to shopping!) Give me a message if you would like to any know anything more, And best of luck to you! Cheers, Sly294
  • i have experience at different game servers, 10 years playing ogame at br/us/org. Everything started at uni 15 org for me. it will be honour received and continuo evolute that acc.
  • Hi i want take over Spica. I'm play ogame very long time ago. I very want play Spica. I active Taiwan server before. Can you give me a opportunity? Tks.
  • Hi,i want a miner acc because my friend julia playing here。so,can you give it to me?
    • I'm not a fan of Julia, so no.