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  • You know, seeing the way you are posting and the maturity, friendliness etc in those, I would have asked you to be a mod when I was BA :P
    • It's funny, I've had PMs saying almost the complete opposite!! Yet I think I'm quite a friendly chap.
    • Thanks!! I felt like I was pulling the "Mom" card! I have thought about it applying.. maybe I will
    • Tony, I know you love to troll...you live for it!!
    • You insult too much Tony ;)

      You're welcome :) Go ahead with an application if you ever find the time. The mom card is always good - guess I am saying this from one mom to another lol
    • Tbf Cassandra, I've not even been pulled up on the majority of it..
  • knack knack
  • You ever coming out of VM in Polaris???
    • Do you miss me? Yes, I will be out soon
    • It's quiet enough without the friendly people being in VM .=)
    • i got talked into taking an account in Kallisto & I have 1 in Virgo....there are only so many hours in a day! lol
    • Hey, can you hit me up on discord?