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  • Go is now throwing personal insults at me on the boards. Great example he is setting. I want an apology for that, or a warning. Just like I would be warned if I insulted him. He is meant to be unbiased, but if he is going to insult players in public then he doesn't belong in this role.
  • Hello, maybe you can help me... I joined the universe via Facebook... And after that I always logged in via FB... Today I couldn t log in via FB but I still could log in on my computer. I tried to get my email an password but messed everything... Now I can t log in, not with FB not normally. All I know is my In game name. What to do?
  • I turned in a ticket --- but if you come to irc I am singing will make up a song just for you
  • I need your help pretty please
    • Hello Serenity, if it's a matter regarding a specific game issue, it has to be resolved by the ticket system.
  • Nick:Chucky
    you sentenced
    I did not answer your ticket.
  • I have an open ticket you replied 26/7/2018 I replied 26/7/2018 its been 4 days and I am still waiting for a reply