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  • Hey bro! Check your private messages when you can

  • bro reveal ur ingame identity

  • Bro dm me ... I feel like we played ages ago but i also want to know who you are lol

  • Nice hit congratz!
    • yeye honor to get a post from you :P or like :P
  • Nice hit wp!
  • http://www.infuza.com/fr/ogame.us/Virgo "Raven Reyes" But now i have 4.4m. Can i have your stats to? (Virgo is X6 x7 80%)
  • Your account VS my rank 5 (2 eco) in Virgo US server ?
  • playing Europa?
    • yo , nop, it's to late for me, but if you know someone u can pm or so :)
  • the guy i recently crashed has apparently reported me to the GO's for supposedly breaking the rules somehow ?
    • Hey, not sure who or what was the matter, you can pvt me, myb i can help :)
    • Thanks I'll see what becomes of the attack from the GO's :)
    • hah, you can always talk to it, but doubt something is wrong :9
    • you searching acc ? Pm write