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  • Hi how can be war is over ? That ally A-Team not disbanned ! They have still minimum 6 members!
    • Confirming with GO. If false thread will be unlocked
    • They did originally disband
  • **spam** You're the coolest Mod, IDC what @rav3n says bad about you :)
    • Noob SMODs don’t faze me :P
    • He will never read this, he's probably taking a nap over in the CR section
    • Ahem.....
    • Crap....
    • Well, your next mod review is gonna be interesting. And Silverwind, don't think you'll get off unscathed either. ;)
  • Welcome to Cosmos!
  • Fair enough
  • Why ban a spam thread? Curious?
  • I am being mature. I asked for an explanation? How is that not mature? You decided to leave the conversation with no explanation
  • Explain your actions.
    Why leave the conversation?
    • Because you're not being mature. Your post explains it. Have a nice day.
  • Is there an apology heading my way?
  • Virgo has multiplae top 10s including this one I didn't label right…-of-Ice-AzraelZ-vs-deadl/
    plz and ty
    • Thank you I'll make sure to take care of all of them. :)
    • Much appreciated.
  • Are you saying your ending the war is a declaration?
  • "If a War gets declared and within the first 7 days there is no CR posted in the CR-Thread" (effectively 7 days + 12 hours because of the bashrule and real warstart), the War ends and the declaring player AND alliance aren't allowed to declare a new war for a month in that universe.

    It says if the war gets declared and no cr within the first 7 days. Not quite sure how to see this.
  • Ok, I will restart! :D
    • You hav to wait though think it's 30 days. Check the rules to make sure.
  • RE: War FELON vs NWO
    I had posted one from last night, was about 7 days from the time of the last hit, not sure of exact time but close to within the limit. He gave me the cr this morning which is why it was posted late!
    • Hit was posted 5 hrs ago. Have to keep it going by board within the time frame.
  • :O
  • *spams*