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  • It has came to my attention that you are giving your account away. I was advised to ask for it because of my longstanding experience in much older universes. Long before the 3 class choices were available. I used be in uni 5 and uni 19. Went by the name of SplinterUK or DragonReborn. Committed at the time with Clans Lord and Dragons.
  • Oh you know me? :p
    • If it is the same Cass that has always been around yeah. Just this account is new, since god fucking knows what GF did to my old Dragon acc. Obviously deleted lol
    • Yep the very same :P You never escape me :P
    • I tried so hard and yet to came back :P
    • :P To be fair I was always somewhat there
  • Have a VIrgo account for you. I never play it.
    • Sure, let me know the code via PM? Thank you.