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  • I send ticket 12.07 and i get answer 14.07 about my ticket.
    Now is 08.03 and this guy who swears to me is still playing on server.
    He will not be punished for this ?
    • Report the messages in-game.
      Tickets will not help with this because you have to report the messages in-game.
      Writing on my wall will not help because you have to report the messages in-game.
  • Hi.I'm sorry I late see what you wite to me. 18542724 is ticket number. Some GO answer me but I don't think is that what he tell me .He say maybe it was some fleet in move so that is reason why relocation is not good. If that right then why still stay on planet "(with green letter) Done" and when I click on that I get move on galaxy view where I send planet where (with grey letters) write Done. I have screen shot so how I can send to you. And if there move fleet during relocation then my planet will return on original position. Planet is there but when I click on planet I get move on galasy view where I send but there no planet
  • So you give us extra expo slots and fleet slots. How's about giving real compensation like extra level of I.R.N.
    • I did not give you anything. It was to compensate people who had those boosters active when the update occurred and nobody was able to send out fleets.

      I have no control over any of the decisions made by Gameforge.
  • Sorry for the multiple posts of the same battle on the YMIR (EN) BOARD, my pc kept crashing so I kept pressing the backwards arrow and then reposting, unfortunately it was uploading each time before crashing. I am very sorry
  • Hey Kewlness, put a tkt in Zibal 2 days ago about an almost 5 day overview spam from a multi acct... I know you have dealt with this same thing already in Zibal...hoping you can help out again... tkt #18502474. Thank so much for your time
  • Hey Kewlness, some people suggested I ping you here, I've put in a ticket about 2 guys doing organised pushing (with proof) ... I first reported it 8 days and 18 hours ago and just amended the ticket, not had a reply at all so there's no option to complain lol ... ticket number is 18177781

    (Sad laifu I can't use BBcodes :()
  • hi, i cant acces octans for more than 2 hours. and i just got attacked. tried changing password, giving account away to another email. i can acces all other accounts. also i created a ticket when the problem started-
  • helo kewlness. i just had to put a ticket in. more update bugs probably, and this one is preventing me from playing. please take a look. thanks.
  • thanks for checking on that ticket for me. Wont fill up ur wall with that long post but hopefully you got to read it before I removed it. Not sure how to send u direct personal message on this topic though.
  • Here you go (hopefully this posts in a link form that you can access). Ur a GO and I dont mind you having access to my Support Account if you need it: 17319837 Uni 1 Report hackers/bots/scripts 2019-06-13
  • Hey I have a question on gifting dark matter. Like can it be done. Is it against any rules. If not how would I go about gifting dm and are there certain restrictions like a maximum of $20 that I could gift.