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  • hi, i cant acces octans for more than 2 hours. and i just got attacked. tried changing password, giving account away to another email. i can acces all other accounts. also i created a ticket when the problem started-
  • helo kewlness. i just had to put a ticket in. more update bugs probably, and this one is preventing me from playing. please take a look. thanks.
  • thanks for checking on that ticket for me. Wont fill up ur wall with that long post but hopefully you got to read it before I removed it. Not sure how to send u direct personal message on this topic though.
  • Here you go (hopefully this posts in a link form that you can access). Ur a GO and I dont mind you having access to my Support Account if you need it: 17319837 Uni 1 Report hackers/bots/scripts 2019-06-13
  • Hey I have a question on gifting dark matter. Like can it be done. Is it against any rules. If not how would I go about gifting dm and are there certain restrictions like a maximum of $20 that I could gift.