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  • Hello Prongs, do you know where I can find all the server settings for the test server Bermuda?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Is there any way you can help me please? I am from the Hispanic community but the waiting time for a ticket response is between 6 to 9 days I've been waiting a week for a response to 1 ticket and they answer it with a simple question that doesn't even make sense and now I'm supposed to wait another week for a simple request. Please help me as it's very frustrating to wait so long.

    • Hello.

      Only contacting the responsible team for

  • Hi Prongs, can u tell someone to update new eco-research speed setting info for Halley uni in main page (its 8-16 now). Thnx in advance.

  • when can we expect dione and 70% poll result? hopefully pre merger to prepair our guns and buildings with some extra hard anti bullet properties? thanks! Wish you all best our dear COMA

  • when is the new uni due to start what will the specifications be

  • Can you read my threads plz

  • Prongs can you work my ticket plz
  • Hello, we have a problem on the Czech ogame with GO. They give us mines for no reason. And we don't know how to deal with it further.