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  • Hello... why does it look like this ...? https://prnt.sc/sdfctb
  • http://spy.topraider.eu/index.php?page=listere I think what you want to do is on this URL. You must have topraider installed, and on your SR message page, you can click on the topraider button : this sends "ennemies SR" to topraider if you have an account. I don't know if it 100% fits with what you want but it's a good start :) Did you check ogspy too ? It could maybe have this feature as it's a really complete tool (if working for v7, idk). If I remember, it needs a web server to work as it's an alliance tool.
  • Ok, I looked, and what TR will do is allow you to share Spy Reports that you have generated yourself by spying on other players. I am hoping to find a way to share (and sort) spy reports of players who have spied on me. A completely different thing. Hope it to be able to gather a DB of online times and locations of players who are spying on my planets (and our members too) .
  • Thank you. I'll see what TR can do.
  • Is it possible to build a Spy Report Table to collect data based on players who spy you? To keep track of who and when, could be very handy!
    • Hi, This is possible but currently not in my plan for now. If it still works, Topraider has this feature and worked well for that, I used it in the past :)