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  • still playing on quantum? msg me ingame nick: yasin
  • have a Quasar acc top 200 discoverer. 10 planets/ 10 moon, let me know if you want to trade!
  • i have a rank 25 70kk points in xanthus what have u got to trade
  • Hello Mr FleetsavedMyCar how are you? I have a cygnus with 186M points and 48bn in resources availables(discoverer) and 1 account in Quasar with 28M points
    • Hey death_octans, I'm good. What about yourself? I'm interested in your accounts, but I don't think I have anything that good in my repertoare at the moment. Would you consider trading them for weaker accounts?
  • have a 92kk oberano account and a 22k zibal account what u have to trade
  • what do you have to trade for a 10mn+ point miner account? You said you have a few Disco accounts?
  • hello