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  • Imbaaaaaa
  • Imba are you online???!!!
  • Yeah I will build other 100k I have only 200k
  • With your fleet you may potentially upgrade this
  • I had 20k on Leda, I am bringing this to 30k
  • Yes and btw with 70% DF you will need more rec maybe
  • OMG you don't have yet! lol
  • Yeah u told me that and that better if I start hyper lvl 15 for fast recy and new uni ended for me xd
  • Astro will be finished as soon as you join new server btw. I had the same research tome for my research
  • Friday like this time I will be in new uni
  • Two day until my Astro and farming increasing my fleet xd I have now 3b res just need deut xd xd
  • What are you waiting for? lol
  • I still in leda
  • I don't see you in the highscore list, did you change your name?
  • It's a mix thinking. x2 fleet I don't like this. But o=a lot f activity and some juicy fleets yes :D
  • Wired ! What do u think about new uni ? They fleeter
  • There was more than 2 days remaining on my shielding tech and it completed straight away when I migrated
  • I think it's not up to date and Zibal is x14 research
  • How ! It’s 7x and leda 10
  • Ephe told me to chat you here to join now so reseacrh finish more quickly
  • Hey Imba, research speed is higher on Zibal