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  • I remember you Dave. Your account is still inactive in Vega.

    • Actually, I found the account again in January, went online for a few days and then went on vmode. Managed to catch a few cargos while I was on. Amazingly, many people suddenly decided to launch cargos to farm after I went on. Am I like a famous farm or something? :D

    • Any newly active will get noticed. That's just the nature of the game.

      Farming is important to some players.

    • But that's the thing, I came online, I didn't even get probed and started getting cargos incoming like they were just used to sending them to my coords. I just built some defenses and won against the incoming attacks ^^

      You still in Vega? You play anywhere else?

    • For attacks like that it is possible someone was 'bot farming'.... but harder to prove than just seeing that.

      I play nowhere else. I've tried playing more than one Uni for a while, and found it distracting and way too much time. Play one well is enough for me.