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  • Say mate, how bout sharing tha bot secret with guys in other uni. Im in oberon and would love to clear it of some bots. Just asking.

    • there are many differents types of bot. The one who fleetsave at last second is almost impossible to catch. But some of them go online when you start attacking and send you a probe to simulate activitity and after that they fleetsave.

      If you find this type, crashing their fleet is easy. You have to attack them with 1:1 ratio between fleets. You will lose more ships than normal, but they don't autofleetsave.

      They are bots so i launched even 8/9 attacks simulating always to keep 1:1 ratio

    • OK, mate, I'll give it a try. Sounds reasonable, if you come up with any other ways to kill them, let me know. Thanks, bud