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  • Will you please move both of my top 10 hits in Thuban please? Thanks!

  • Hi Armand S,

    i've add a post here : Expedition Management

    That need apparently need to be validated by an operator.

    Can you have a look into it, I've link 2 video to download for Administrator to be able to judge objectively what i'm doing !

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Armand I would like to post a comment on the hit Atomic has did on Halley today, My name came out multiple times and I would most certainly would like to make the comment there not on another topic.

  • hey Armand

    can you open the nr1 hit of halley.. cos 5 days left for cooldown

  • can you put my attack as solo top 1

    Pt: 27.311.367.000 ::: Xviruz [WilDucks] vs. Engineer Grus [WD-40] ::: Lt: 3.711.198.035

  • hey man, do you know someone from GO Team, ingame even SGO, discord, i want to speak with them, about HoneyColector... he apply for GO, and he made a mess in alliace, lie to us that he have a deal with 25bam to hit him... so he push him, and he want to be GO. i am 100% sure that he forgot on FS, and he is lie to us, but this man can not be GO, he is even mention that he is using drogs, and similar... on discord maybe is not you problem, but can you somehow connect me with GO and SGO ingame?
    • Please send a ticket about this. We'll get to it when we can
  • hey hey, i hope You are doing well What happened with my post, why i can not see my post in CR section?
    • Hey. It was moved to the Top 10 Section, as you did enough damage for it to be a top 10 hit in the universe :)
    • what is with new uni, do you have maybe caracteristis ? thanks for fast response
    • You can find the event server settings here
  • Can't be having an empty wall now can we?