slamminbones I'm one of the big boys now :D

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  • Yo bre, do you still have all the old Flash Felony banners? I'm putting the band back together! I'm on a mission from God! :)
    • will have a look around i might have them some where.
      just need to remember the web site i stored them on
    • photobucket I believe
  • Slammin bre how are you the wife and the family? Hopefully Ogame urban dictionary definition still does not apply! :D
    • All good mate.
      sort of given up ogame lol.
      Hows things on your end?
    • I am well but find myself returning to Ogame with to much time to spare atm. Glad to see all is well and your alright!
  • hey, are you playing ogame atm?
  • lol good one bro
  • He is available to do children's parties he is a very kind and sweet clown lol
  • your avatar gives me nightmares! :D
  • *spams*