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  • I was in SIA followed by WCH
  • I just saw your board signature and it's gonna bug the hell outta me if I don't ask: Were you in SIA, PreDatoR or neither?
    • I was in SIA followed by WCH
    • The first alliance I was in was SGC back when JAWA was the main mass alliance....After SGC disbanded is when I went to SIA with JSF and Doomgaze....When SIA disbanded I went into v-mode for an extended time and came back to join WCH with Smiler69....Then the first merge came along and we all went our separate ways
    • Then we were probably in SIA together and I definitely remember Doomgaze well! Where has the time gone? ^^
    • Doomgaze was playing here in Uni. 1 until a couple months ago when he passed his account onto someone else
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