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    1. Holla, ¿todavía está disponível para doação?
  • Sorry, I do not know of any. I know I play a lot of unis, but I am still hoping to be able to continue playing them all, for as long as possible. :)
    • I understand now what that really is going on here.
    • Hello, I am not sure what you mean by that so I am a little confused by your comment
  • hi pink do you know of any acc going for me needs to be miner no fleet lol
  • Hy. Im here to contact u for account, if he is still free. I would be happy if I could take and continue playing you acca. Ty.
  • Hello Dark Pink, I inboxed you in game but since you asked to be messaged on here - here I am doing so. I'm interested in possibly taking on you account. I would love the opportunity to answer any questions that I'm sure you'll have, so please contact me at your earliest and most convenient opportunity! My in game name is Alexias, so contact me on here or ingame! Kindest Regards, Alexias.
  • Hello :)