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  • Hello, Top 10 solo Bellatrix
  • Got another 10 top solo in Bella
  • seen a recent post on migraines .... same here with insomnia, ever try eating spicy foods, chip dip, ect on the onset ? usually helps mine 90% of the time. Make sure to have Tumms handy
    • I was just being facetious with that statement, but thank you all the same :) Spicy foods do actually help me with head aches and of course a stuffy nose!
  • Hey, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your moderation of the Norma board. Ive seen a few toxic situations arise you handled them with a fair, no-nonsense approach that was highly appreciated.
    • Not a problem at all, I appreciate the kind words.
  • Hello there! Since Attacker posted their hit , I would like my post to be moved to Leda section and marked as spam, if possible. Thanks
    • Unfortunately this is not possible. The thread must be closed. CR threads are not for the spam thread.
  • Hey mate, my brother looking for account, he'd be happy to take it of your hands.. Br
  • got another top 10 :-)
  • When you get a little time, got another top 10 solo
  • how you doing today Marshmello I am gonna stay off the boards today it seems a little fired u p
    • Hey Serenity, sorry I've had a busy busy week :) the boards seem fired up every day :P
    • it's kind of funny if it did not cause you all to have to work
    • Ya it wasn't too bad, a little warnings here and there lol
  • Hello Marshmello, you can move the top 10, please and thank you. :)
  • Hi Marsh, Could you please move my top 10 in virgo to the top ten section when you get time? Thanks a lot, Andy
  • hey, marshmello, why did you close my RIO war threads? I asked not to close it because I went out of country for vacation, can you re-open?
    • Can't do that unfortunately...If you wanted to pause the war, that would be an agreement made between you and RiO. Aside from that, rules still apply.
    • Dear Marshmello, I don't agree with your judgment on this issue and would like to present my case to senior board moderator. Who would be the right person to contact, is it Iris? Thanks.
    • You need to open a board ticket. I don't think you'll hear an answer you're wanting to hear, though.
  • good morning i see you closed my page ,part of me say thank you ,but the rest of me say ,why , your SGO .add a lot of insult to players .which was not called for .there for started them off. i just wont a answer on what was being done about the bot s sorry for what the rest of the player put on that page as i did not ask for that. just a simple answer would have done
    • I know this may be news to everyone on this board, but just because a user, or even a group of users, claim that someone is cheating, does not in fact mean they are cheating. The game operators, SGOs, and game administrators look into the complaints, but I guarantee you none of them use information provided here by users. As far as the game operators conduct goes - you can't start an insulting dialogue then get surprised when its returned in kind. I think everyone was at fault in that thread, hence why I closed it. If you have a problem with any game staff in that thread, you're welcome to approach their respective supervisors.
  • Hello Marshmello - is there a more appropriate place i can talk to u than via ur wall?
    • I'm on Discord in the unofficial oGame channel
    • You can also message me on here if you want.
  • Hi, there Unfortunately I can't send you a PM, whatever the reason would be. Could you please update 2 links in the thread: 1st link - 2nd link - Thank you.
  • Hello! Could you please delete my posts in thread "International Server" in General forum? I kind of exaggerated some of my opinions and halfway realized some of my claims weren't completely true as well so I guess it doesn't really add to the discussion. Thanks! :)
    • I can't exactly delete your comments, but I can delete whats in them - do you want me to leave anything in the comments or snip the entire thing?
    • snip everything, thanks a lot :)
  • Hi is there a way to look on banned player list?
    • For in-game? No, unfortunately they took the pillory away. Unless it is your account, we cannot provide any information to you in reference to an in-game ban.
    • ok thank you it was my old account
    • I believe you would still have to have access to the e-mail for the account to get that information. I'm assuming you gave it away and it got banned?
    • yes i had 2 accounts in same server after merges so gave one away and its active again now thank you for your help
  • Hello. How often is it allowed to bump the res-trade thread? :)
    • No limit for bumping trade threads, just keep it reasonable. I usually say once a week.
  • Once again will you move my newer hits in xanthus please
  • Will you move my top 10 hit in xanthus please. Thanks
  • Hi Marsh, could you move my virgo top ten into the top 10 section when you get the chance please? Thanks :)
  • I hope you get perma banned for those disgusting comments, claiming there is some superior race. Shame on you
    • I'm sorry, what?
    • You know exactly what you wrote.No room for it nowadays.
    • I didn't write anything, I think you've got me confused for someone else, pal.
  • Why did you close our new number 1 thread?
  • No one was actually upset on this thread, there were no insults, why closing it?
    • No insults? There were definitely insults. Literal insults.
    • Only if heretic did it, I don't see his posts so I dunno otherwise looks pretty clean with just a little salty throlling. Well you probably know your job, sorry for bothering.
    • Hardly an insult Ridiculous over reach
    • you Off topic me for laughing at Zagy and his childish blokced yo comment
    • Marshmello I will repeat this there is a reason everybody dislikes you that is cause you are an over-moderating piece of fungus
  • Hypocrite
  • Top1 acs virgo thanks
  • I Saw your post of giveway , And i would like that account
  • hello . I have a Quantum account to trade the name is Merge Fail (it was incorrectly moved from Wasat to Quantum) 813563 points mostly miner all are in G8 (it also has 7 Relocations due to merge) 8 planets in total Let me know if this is any good for you Thank you
    • No thanks mate, looking for something quite a bit large. Appreciate it!
  • Hello Marshmello, I have something that would interest you in universe 1. Can we have a private conversation? Regards
  • Could you please move my Virgo NN1 to the top 10 when you get a minute please. Give it a minute or two of glory ;) thanks in advance