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  • Hello Cathedral, After looking at the Vagabond account over on database I'm interested in giving it a try. I've been playing on and off since 2002 and became a full time player in 2014/5. I have multiple accounts in various countries. Current active ones are Vega (Rank 93) and Fornax (Slovenia, Rank 18). Fornax will go back into vacation mode so I can focus on Vagabond's account if I get it. Vega Is my main account as it's the only one where I'm in an alliance. Please give it a look to see my play style. I was one of the original players to start an account when the first .us server opened up. I live in California. My main goal is research leveling so that should help in that area. The fleet may be scrapped to gain res for research development. I'll keep enough fleet for expeditions and well as the pathfinders. I use fusion plants to power my mines, so the solar plants will be dumped. That should open up more fields on the planets. I'll have to look at the energy tech level to see when and how I can do that. The planets are ALL getting moved if I get the account. I'll buy the DM during the next DM event to move them into better locations. They'll be scattered through out the 9 galaxies. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. A high ranking account shouldn't be left to rot. My alliance has lost accounts due to them just sitting in permanent vacation mode. Thanks for your consideration, Sempi
    • Thanks. We're reviewing a number of requests and we'll let you know what we decide. Also, not sure if you are aware or not but my wall is public so other people can see what you wrote if you have concerns about letting people know your geographic location.
    • I'm not worried about folks knowing which country I live in. My profile pic kind of gives it away.
  • Got anymore?
  • Hello Mr Cathedral, how are you? If it possible i can take one of those accounts. Thanks
    • Yes it is, pick one and I'll reserve it for you and get the gift code for you.
    • Could be anyone, no prob
    • Valeyard Rank 143 Miner (1:260:4)
    • Dang! I was just about to ask about the account.
    • Ill take the Unseen account.
  • Any1 is ok, just want to play 😄
    • Pick one and I'll reserve it for you and get the gift code for you.
    • Marzal would be OK, od npr, Apus then.thx M8!
    • MARZAL is reserved for you. Once I get the gift code I will send it via PM. Please let me known when you have it and have logged in so I know it worked for you.
    • Ok, will do 😃
  • Hy M8 Do u stilu jave some od them?
  • Me? Never given Ares an account in my lifetime, never will either
  • Still give A r e s accounts? Lol nice to see you too, and this is my account from uni 12..