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  • Hello Valent, I'm wondering if it's possible to change my name to Felix Felicis. I've sent a ticket a few days back, but I'm yet to hear from someone.

  • hey there, can we talk if u have time, think the rank system might be bugged.. doesnt show the real value from what i see

  • I would like to know why someone can be openly homophobic to me and nothing happen, but i get warned for calling that person out? Can you please DM me?
  • Need your help.. pls PM me.. its urgent
  • You really can't escape, can you :p
    • no, i have been assimilated to the colective
    • I am hardly around .org anymore lol, I didn*t even notice you were back
  • Hello! Is this where I’d report bashing in Bellatrix?
    • Please use ( you have the link in your game page in the right upper side)
    • Didn't have it on the mobile version, but I got it handled. Thanks
  • wow, I take a lil break ... and all hell breaks loose ... howareyaMa'aM ?
    • i'm fine thanks. be well:)
  • If you decide to quit i have nothing more to say except have a nice time ahead in real life Valent .........but please do come back sooner or later ^^ :)( It will be hard to fill the void place of yours as a Team Manager .....Take care :)
  • good luck in RL anyway. you've been a good team member giving lots of help. i wish you good fortune in all that you do
  • bibas and myself are allied. and we have similar names. but we are not the same person.
  • so who are the "same two community members"? cos i can only see me and bibas making a major contribution to that thread. and i don't like unfounded accusations made about me either.
  • and i know this wall is public for all to see ... but so was your inaccurate comment.
  • "the same two community members ... " i hope that comment wasn't aimed at me. this is the first time i have ever made public reference to any wrong-doing by staff. and neither of my examples were accusations of cheating. i would have clarified this on the thread, but Angel has closed it. regards. baal.
    • I'm sorry , unfortunately is too late to make any corrections, as i left the community and i have no more edit power . The team is like my family and i feel bad when i read unfounded accusations
  • Valent do u have any news on when a new uni will be declared opening?
  • Please developed app for iPhone 6 plus or 6s plus or any smart android phone
  • Hi Valent :) I mentioned your plan of merges and new unis in the "Discussion on Merge" forum and some people asked for a link, which I can't provide because I forgot where it is. Would you be so kind to provide them with the link in the discussion?. Thanks!
    • Nevermind. I found it :). I also saw it was in the declined section :S.
  • Valent - can you please arrange for a GO to answer the ticket which has been waiting since 30 th April in uni 1. Thank you.
  • not now, it will be in news
  • Hi Valent, any ideas when the next moon event is coming?
  • tsk tsk
  • I wanna just be able to censore some people. I wont abuse my powers I swear.
  • Please check my PM
  • I need to get a hold of you, icegirl, pokahontas or yangyan for a GO interview....I was hanging on IRC but at this time of night i guess everyone is sleeping....What's a good time for y'all??....let me know here or you can catch me on skype...Ghostwolf is my name on there as well...I'm from Pennsylvania