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  • can you put my attack as solo top 1

    Pt: 27.311.367.000 ::: Xviruz [WilDucks] vs. Engineer Grus [WD-40] ::: Lt: 3.711.198.035

  • Hey there Gebrunn, can you approve of the war that was declared please in Ferdinand Universe.

  • Hello Gebrunn There are some top10s in weywot to be moved . Kind Regards
  • i see that you are moderator for this chaos uni volans. one question. i have 2 accounts. its 40% moonshot event. can i send probes from one account to be killed for moonshot on another account that i play? push or not , can there be activity between 2 accounts? i never done this things before, so im kinda new
  • There are multiple top 10s in Himalia need moved man. Tried tagging you and others but got ignored.
  • there are multiple top 10s that need to be moved if you get a chance, including this one i forgot to label as top 10…-of-Ice-AzraelZ-vs-deadl/ plz and ty
  • Put my new top 10 in xanthus please
  • Wow Gebrunn nice to see your a mod now! How you been? Long time since uni35 Felon latenights!
  • top 10 me when you get a chance plz and ty
  • hey sir who set top10 Xanthus l have 3 battle for top 10
  • tarazed, new number 1 needs to be moved from over a week agao... thanks
  • New top 10 sir :) Thx
  • new top 10 sir :)
  • NN1 plz
  • Top 10 pls
  • something went wrong with last thread i posted..didn't go in CR section...anyway to move it from its current location (its own thread) or delete it , so i can have it where it belongs.. thanks
  • top 10's still need moving in tarazed is there a moderator capable, nothing moved for 2 weeks now...
  • please move to top10
  • can you please move my hit to the top ten section? thank you
  • *spams*