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  • hello piink you have a private pm
  • Can you just share "more info" about the update all the rest, no one care about its being installed or not. People expect to have information before it is installed actually. This GF team and yourself are just a joke destroying the game. Useless kid
  • Hello, would u have time to take a look at sever setting changes at 2 servers Rhea.CZ and Oberon.CZ? Thank you.
  • instead of dorado make pasiphae the target server and let that universe keep the probe storage on, atleast if larger players join us we can still manage to fight it out just who is more online and active. also dorado guys will have a choice to join us if they like probe on and not being forced to join to bigger universes.. our universe is also x1 fleet but have eco x6
  • Piink could you please answer my question in private PM , its been 2 weeks
    • Friday 17th of April is not 2 weeks ago as far as I know. You have an answer.
  • https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/815488-real-reason-why-i-left-uni-1-and-ogame You should take a look at the above if you haven't already seen it and forward to those who may be concerned with such.
  • Good afternoon, dear operator, I won first place on the Galatea Russian server. I didn’t receive any 50 euro gift voucher or any prizes at all, my nickname in Asgard
  • Hello, I have a question about that mco event, I was on the 2. Place and I haven't received any email from Gameforge where I could answer to get my price. Please let me know what happened and how I get my 50€ Price. Im looking every day for it from the 27.11.2019 and happens nothing. Please write me as soon as possible back. Thank you Strigoi
  • Hi, we shortly wrote about the idea of an international server a year ago. I would like to revive the idea and need your help. My idea is to contact the GAs, CMs and some well respected members from every community to discuss with them the idea of a selfmade international server. The goal would be to promote one specific server when the next openings come around. Because of the language and the fact that .org already is the harbour for many OGamers from all over the globe it would be the best place. The problem is that we dont know which settings the next .org universe will have, which might be a problem. If the next .de and .fr universe had high eco speeds and .org only had 2x for example alot of people would probally rather play in theire own countries. This is where you come into play. My idea would be to discuss the settings with the representatives of each community and come back to you or have an open vote for everyone on the .org-board. We opened a Discord Server for the project: https://discord.gg/tRsYjEf
  • Contact me on pm if is not a problem,only you can fix this problem that we have already all week,GA and other can`t do nothing,thanks!
  • On Ogame Homepage there is German translation for Happy Hour dark matter http://prntscr.com/nspm5a